Western Rivers Flyfishers

One of Jenkyn's compulsions is that of fly fishing. All members of the Powell Family have spent countless hours on all sorts of fishing waters. A real thrill for us, was the commission of this set of windows for Western Rivers Flyfishers. Owner Steve Schmitt one of the west's most knowledgeable fly anglers, had these made for their new Utah store,certainly the finest fly shop in Utah, quite possibly in the USA. The subjects are of actual sized trophy Trout and Steelhead gracing the central portion of the windows. Additional design elements are the files specifically used to capture the elusive quarry surrounding them, along with fishing knots, swimming and jumping fish borders. A collection of the world's finest glasses to depict the world's finest sport.




Steelhead for Steve




Brown Trout - 7x Fantasy




Detail Brown Trout Head




Dry Fly -- "Adams"




Fishing Knots - "Blood Knot"



Swimming & Jumping Fish Borders




Powell Brothers Glass Art





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