Saint Joseph's Catholic Church

Saint Joseph's window restoration was a project that took place over a ten year period. All of the windows were in such terrible disrepair, that when called to look at the windows, pieces of glass from the windows were actually laying in the isles.

Each window was carefully removed, completely disassembled, each piece of glass was then cleaned, repaired where possible (or replaced where not), reassembled with the finest alloyed lead came and then reinstalled. Some of the windows had been blown out by the incredible canyon winds that buffett the area, so we designed, fabricated and installed three new windows to match the rest of the glass in the church.





Interior view of Sanctuary and West Window Wall






Saint Patrick after Restoration





Broken and Damaged St. Patricks Head

Unfinished Reproduction (left) and Before (right)





Saint Joseph and Saint Mary




The Restored Crucifixion Window






New Windows Created by Powell Brothers to Match Original Existing Windows

Original Windows Had Been Blown Out By Heavy Canyon Winds




Powell Brothers Glass Art




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