The Memory Grove Windows of Charles Connick

These windows were of great interest to us, as they were made by the world famous stained glass artist Charles J. Connick. Connick's work is well known, as he was most influencial in returning stained glass to its roots of the gothic tradition. His work is widely known around the world as the one most likely to have saved the tradition of stained glass from extinction. His book "Adventures in Light and Color" is very probably (along with Christopher Whall), one of the most influential stained glass books written in the Twentieth Century!

These windows were commissioned to celebrate those brave soldiers, sailors, marines and air corps who were lost in World War II. This tiny gem of a chapel for many years was more or less abandoned and allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. It was during this time vandals broke into the chapel and proceeded to smash and destroy every piece of glass they could reach!

In the Sixties another studio had been contracted to repair the windows and they botched the repair damaging them even further. Additionally, this particular studio removed a section of one of the windows, most likely with the idea of keeping or selling the signature panel from the window.

During our restoration of these windows, we were able to save more than 85% of all smashed and broken glass! Additionally, Powell Brothers were able to track down the stolen window and although it had been heavily damaged (mostly from the offending studios terrible repairs) fully restore it and get it back to the proper owners. We are quite proud to say our repairs, blended seamlessly with the original work.

Now it truly appears that these windows were never touched in any way (vandalized or restored) and it was like our studio was never there. This is of course our goal and is exactly how we here at Powell Brothers like our restorative work to be seen and to be perceived.



The Memorial Grove Meditation Chapel





The Army Window "Before" and "After" Restoration



Detail Photos of the Army Windows Panel "Before" and "After" Restoration





The Marine Window "Before" and "After" Restoration




The Fully Restored Air Corps and Navy Windows



Powell Brothers Glass Art




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