Leaded Glass Sculpture

The next logical step from Tiffany's lampshade idea, these pieces are fully realized three

dimentional sculptures. Each is a unique one-of-a-kind piece that will not be repeated.

Some are free form creations made with no molds or patterns, while others

are fully realized, sculpted glass with intricate bent panels and involved lighting systems.




Sambogha Kaya (The Dragon)

Side View

Over 5000 pieces, lit with 17 lights, internal

steel framing, cooling fan and insence burner

in the nose (for fire breathing).



 Sambogha Kaya (The Dragon)

Front View

Selected in 1976 by the Corning Museum of Glass

as one of the "Most Significant Glassworks

in the World". Now in the collection of the

Utah Museum of Fine Arts



 "Just Another White Elephant"

From the Harryhausen Collection





From the Harryhausen Collection












Mushroom Lamp

18" Tall





 Autumn Tree

42" Tall







Homage to Flash Gorden






 The Gargoyle




Picasso Trigger Fish




(Snail on a Rock)


Song of Soloman 2:12

(King James Version)



Agnus Dei

(Lamb of God)


Agnus Dei

(Lamb of God)

Top View



Jenkyn A. Powell

Glass Artist





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